Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

Take it easy

Christmas has passed, faster than thought. Of course, there were presents - a new pendant has been adorning Irene's charm bracelet and the wristwatch in shape of a heart has been a real eye catcher. Well, this time she didn't know what she would get as a present. Irene was asked about her wishes, but she only wished "relaxing days". And she should get the relaxing days.

They celebrated Christmas Eve within the family circle. All gathered and waited for "Father Christmas". "Father Christmas is coming!" the kids yelled and ran excitedly to the door. All had a lot of fun - late in the evening Irene and her husband drove home and relaxed with music and wine. Peter, her husband, showed her two tickets for the New Year's Eve ball. It was great and Irene was happy. Immediately she wondered what to wear? It seemed he would guess her thoughts and said simply:"Don't worry - close your eyes - and minutes later she held a box in her hands. What was in it? She hardly believed her eyes. It was the red dress which they had admired together in the shop window. "I can change it, if it doesn't fit" he said. He didn't need to change it. It was a perfect fit.

New Year's Eve was coming. For the last time they enjoyed taking a bath, having breakfast. Their breakfast took 1 hour. Irene and Peter were really relaxing, talked about this and that, the why and wherefore. Out there you could hear some firecracker. The old year slowly began to say "good bye". After having breakfast they went shopping for the next days. The supermarket was crowded - everyone did hand-to- mouth-buying. Why to worry? It was normal. Finally they stood at the counter… the shop assistant was tipping and tipping all the goods - then the result: Peter became nervous at once; he wanted to pull out his wallet - but there was no wallet. He looked at Irene, she only wagged her head. People were unsettled - how awkward - Irene and Peter had no option but to leave the goods at the counter. They ashamedly left the shop and began disputing. "Take it easy" Irene said to herself. "New Year is coming!"

Meanwhile, the wallet was waiting for his owner. It laid there on the table as though it was asking: "Why did you forget to take me along?" Peter saw it, fetched it and he took a power. "Take it easy" Irene said to herself. It didn't take a lot of time, he came back and he smiled - everything was o.k. again.

Time passed and it was time to get ready for the party. Suddenly Irene heard her husband yell: "Damn it!" "What happened?" she asked. "My shaver doesn't want to work any more." What to do? He looked wonderful; his face was half-finished. "Take it easy" Irene said to herself. She spontaneously rang the neighbour's bell and he lent her his one.

Finally Irene and Peter were ready to go out. The hotel was within walking distance and therefore they went on foot. "Do you have the tickets?" Irene quietly asked her husband. He nodded and began to search… Where are they? He was searching everywhere, however, no tickets. Bit by bit, Irene also was being nervous. "It can't be true, the tickets must be here. I put myself the tickets into my jacket." he said.

"Take it easy" Irene said to herself. Without tickets they couldn't go into the ball room. They decided to go home, fortunately it was not far. Irene opened the door and what did she see? "There are our tickets!" she yelled. All is well that ends well! Jollily they went back to the hotel - it was the most exciting New Year's Eve. They danced, laughed and amused themselves until the end of the big party. When going home Tom babbled "Take it easy" … It became his New Year's resolution.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Let's talk about it:

  1. What present did Irene get for Christmas?
  2. What did Irene wish herself for Christmas?
  3. Where did Irene and Peter spend Christmas Eve?
  4. What were the tickets for?
  5. What was in the box?
  6. What did Peter say when Irene opened the box?
  7. What happened in the supermarket?
  8. Did the shaver work well?
  9. Where were the tickets?
  10. Could Irene and Peter celebrate New Year’s Eve happily?