Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

What a surprise!

Christmas was over. It was time to store away all the beautiful decorations. Finally Mary brought herself to remove all imprints of the celebration. She put the pyramid, chain of lights, big and small baubles and all the other stuff back into the cupboard. There was a special shelf only for Christmas decorations. Her glimpses fall at the bottom drawer. From the outside one could see a small transfer picture of an Easter Bunny. Suddenly the telephone was ringing. Mary picked up the phone: "Mary Miller is speaking."

"Hello, Mary "said her mother. "I am in a traffic jam. It will take a little bit longer. I hope to be at home before our guests are coming. See you later."

What guests? Mary was surprised. Why didn't she know anything about it? By all means, she did not want to disappoint her mother and did what she was to do - she wanted her to put away the Christmas stuff. Now Mary understood. The guests were supposed to come.

Mary caught sight of the little transfer picture on the bottom drawer. She hesitantly opened the drawer and discovered an Easter Bunny.

She remembered how it all began. It was at Easter last year. She was on holiday with her class mates. It was the last day of their stay. There was a boy with his parents. For supper they met regularly. He always looked at Mary and she looked at him. Her friends began to bitch about him. But it did not bother Mary. She thought they would be only envious. He succeeded in giving to Mary a slip in the evening. She curiously opened the little piece of paper and read: "Hi, how about tomorrow at the big clock at the end of the hall? I'd like to meet you at ten o'clock. See you. Tim." Mary was happy. Of course, she would come.

Next morning Tim was waiting. He was very happy to see Mary. They went outside for a walk. The weather was fine. The sun was shining; it was a day for falling in love. And they fall in love each other. He took her hand and told about bits and pieces. From a distance they saw the water. "Look!" he said. "I love the sea. Let's go there!" It was really wonderful. They walked and walked, it was almost hot in the sun. Tim stopped and began to undress. They exchanged glances. "No, the water is too cold!" Mary said. "Try it. It's fun!" Tim answered. Mary plucked up her courage to undress herself, too and minutes later she also was in the water. However, the water was really very cold and it didn't take much time they came out of the water. The rays of the sun dried up their bodies. They looked surreptitiously at each other. Mary remembered his well trained body. Then they walked back. Tim told her that this was his last day. They once more met in the disco in the evening. It was an unforgettable evening. He kissed her goodbye and gave her that little Easter Bunny.

Unfortunately, Mary did not know Tom's address. Therefore she couldn't drop him a line. When looking at the little Easter Bunny she observed that one could take away the head. Only now she noticed a slip in the Easter Bunny's body and there was - Tom's address. In 3 weeks will be Easter. Whether he would remember her? Sure.

Let's talk about it:

  1. Who put the Christmas decorations into the cupboard?
  2. Who phoned Mary?
  3. What did her mother spoke on the phone about?
  4. What was in the bottom drawer?
  5. Whom did Mary remember?
  6. What was written on the slip?
  7. How did it all begin?
  8. What was the weather like?
  9. Why was Tim stopping suddenly?
  10. What did Tim give to Mary in the evening?