Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

An exciting event

It is early in the morning. I have to hurry up. My husband has driven the car out of the garage so I can get in and drive off. Fortunately I can park the car at the roadside near to the Call-Centre. I turn off the engine, take my bag and get out of my car. Without turning back I go into the building and minutes later I sit in front of the PC.

I switch the PC on, give in my code-numbers and enter my number for the telephone. So many customers want to order something. The telephone is ringing and ringing. Time flies very fast. Suddenly I must think of my car. Have I turned off the light? I don't know. However, I immediately suppress this thought. All the customers are very friendly and working is fun. Nobody is complaining about anything. After 6 hours of working I finally can say " Let's call it a day!".

Minutes later I ran downstairs to my car. Today we are going to go shopping. I am looking forward to having a nice cup of coffee and soon I will be at home. A lot of people are waiting at the bus stop, I am glad about not having to wait for it. I open the door of the car, get in, put the key into the lock, I can't turn it. I want to drive off - but nothing happens. I look once more, take the key out of the lock, put it in again, try to turn it - the car stands and I am sitting in it and can't start the engine. What's up? I have no idea. Finally I have no choice but to walk home.

At home I tell my husband what is happening. Now it is his turn to walk to the street where the car is. What will he think about? Women and cars! Later he told me that he had to call the car service and he was given a jump start. They drove to the nearest shop to buy a new battery. It's time he bought it, because it was already 5 years old. On Tuesday we are going on holiday. And our car has got a new battery. Actually we must be happy that it was happening now and not during our holiday.

Let's talk about it:

  1. Where is the car parked?
  2. Where does the person work?
  3. What is she thinking about suddenly?
  4. Can she go home by car?
  5. What is the husband doing?
  6. What did they buy in the nearest shop?