Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

At the weekend

Mary and Tom wanted to go by car to their friend. They had to drive early in the morning because it was a long way to Tina. Tom stayed overnight with Mary and she was very happy.

They got up when the sun was shining trough the windows. It took Tom only some minutes and he was ready. He prepared breakfast and waited for Mary. "How long does it take Mary to get ready?" Tom thought. He yelled: " Mary, it's time to have breakfast".

Finally she went upstairs and he saw his beautiful girl. She looked more beautiful than before. "Take it easy!" Mary said and smiled. It takes us one hour to get there". "I looked at the map and I know that we need more time ", Tom replied.

"Tom, I forgot it. Tina is waiting for us in Berlin. She phoned me yesterday." We don't have to hurry up.

"But the earlier we can go the faster we are there. "

"A sillier answer you couldn't give to me. We can relax. Please tell me: Which dress is nicer? "Mary showed him 3 dresses. He answered:" Take the red dress. It looks best." Mary put on the red dress. Minutes later she stood in front of him. She took him entirely by surprise.

Later they went to Mary's car. Most people were sleeping. It began raining. "The longer we are walking in the rain, the wetter my hair get. I need an umbrella", Mary said.

Mary hoped to find an umbrella in her car. She was lucky.

Tom said to her: "You are the prettiest woman for me".

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