Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

A bedtime story

The moon has a party

A long time ago the moon had a party with the stars. They giggled, laughed and sang loudly with joy. You could hear them all the way down to the earth. Even in the middle of the night it did not quieten down, therefore all the children were allowed to stay up late and play in the streets and other places. This was, of course, brilliant. Lucy and Tim wanted the festival to go on and on in the sky.

Next morning the two went into the kindergarten as usual. Of course, they were a little bit tired; however, the other children and also the adults were feeling the same. It didn't bother anyone that they did not pay attention as usual. In the evening the party kept going on. A special high-spirited star let his light flash in time of the music. The bright light bothered Lucy and Tim. Actually they had been sleeping now. However, they had no choice but to crawl out of the bed and to play in the room. It was much too loud and too light to sleep.

Therefore they were very tired. Tim even fell asleep when having breakfast. By a hair's breadth he had avoided falling onto the plate and into his jam sandwich with his head. Lucy just caught him on the shoulder. On the way to the kindergarten they saw a dog. He was too sleepy to notice his food. He crept with hanging head across the street. Fortunately no cars were coming. "Would the tired drivers have noticed him at all?" Tim wondered.

Nobody was glad about going on the loud party in the sky. It was not fun any more and they did not laugh any longer. The people were tired and strained. They told the children off very impatiently or even shouted at them. This was not funny at all, thought Lucy and Tim. And they decided to have a word with the moon.

"Listen, moon and stars", Tim shouted out of his window. "Please be quieter, we would like to sleep." It took some time until the moon heard them above the noise. Then he saw the kids were exhausted and he was ashamed. "We have not thought that you have to sleep every day", he apologized. He promised to finish the party. Since this night it has been quiet in the sky. Moon and stars now whisper together. However, from time to time the little special high-spirited star lets his light twinkle over and over again. When you look exactly in the right place, maybe you can see it.

Deutsche Originalvorlage © Anke Schiermeyer

Let's talk about it:

  1. What happened in the sky?
  2. Why could the kids not sleep in the evening?
  3. How were they feeling next morning?
  4. Were the people glad about going on the party?
  5. Why did Lucy and Tim decide to speak to the moon?
  6. Why do we have to sleep?