Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

All are so very busy

Dad was just reading the newspaper when he heard the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner. Benny, 6 years, sat in a comfortable armchair reading an interesting book. Ben's sister, Feli 3 years, lay on the carpet reading her favourite girl magazine. The noise of the vacuum cleaner bothered them.

Dad asked "Why must you clean the rooms now of all times?". "Couldn't you go outside with the children for a while? Then I could clean all the rooms very calmly." Mum said.

The children liked reading and Dad had to persuade them to go outside. It was a sunny afternoon. They walked into the park next to their house. This was a good place to play hide-and seek. After that they had a race and the little Feli was offended because she often lost the race. Dad explained to her that there are winners and losers. Suddenly she ran and ran and was the first who reached the goal. She was very proud of winning. After a while they sat on a bank to have a rest.

"I'm very exhausted" Dad said. "I'd like to read my newspaper now" he added. "And I really like to go on reading my book" Benny said. "And I'd leaf through my magazine", Feli added. Suddenly Dad had an idea. "Listen!. There is a place where we can do it undisturbed". The kids were curious. "Let's go!" Dad said.

And they spent a comfortable afternoon in such a way that they could do what they best liked - r e a d i n g -. Where? In the library. Benny and Feli saw a library for the first time. This was a surprise and now they were so very busy.

When they returned home, they were beaming all over their faces. "Mum, it was the best idea Dad had!"

All were happy and satisfied.

Let's talk about it:

  1. What were Dad and the kids doing when they heard the sound of the vacuum cleaner?
  2. Why should Dad go outside with the kids?
  3. Where did they go?
  4. What did they do there?
  5. What they talked about sitting on the bank?
  6. What idea did Dad have?
  7. What can you do in a library?
  8. Do you also like reading?